Eight of Wands


Eight of Wands tarot card meaning

Key meanings (Upright): Movement, speed, quick decision, sudden changes, excitement, thrill, progress, action, rush, travel, freedom, holiday romance, gaining momentum, hard work paying off, results, solution

Key meanings (Reversed): Lack of speed, slowness, lack of results, return from holiday or vacation, zero progress, bad timing, losing momentum, missed opportunity, late start, delay, cancelled plans, unfinished business, lack of energy, negativity, impatient

Eight of wands tarot card description

The illustration of the eight of wands in the Rider-Waite tarot card doesn’t match the exact energy of the card itself. The image in the card is not very complicated and suggests that ‘many things are up in the air, or simply in the process. It shows eight staves, which have a similar look to wands, suspended in the air. We can see that the wands look like they are blossoming and someone must have thrown them in the air as they look like they are travelling at a high speed.

The background has a clear blue sky with nothing in their path, which can be interpreted as there is nothing in their path that will stop them or be an obstacle in their journey to their destination. Unlike most Minor Arcana cards, Eight of Wands do not have people in them, which is a unique aspect of the card. The meaning of the card is depicted only through the flying sticks sailing through the clear sky. Other than the wands, we can notice some mountains and rivers, but their placement holds very less meaning.

The flowing water of the river can be interpreted as a source of life and energy for the card. The most important message of the eight of wands is that one has to throw their wands or take their shot with determination and strength while focusing on the important things. The eight of wands are of the fire element and the zodiac signs that are associated with this card are Aries, Leo, and Sagittarius.

Eight of Wands (Upright)

Upright Eight of Wands Meaning
Eight of Wands

The Eight of Wands upright tells us that all the struggles and hardships that were indicated by the seven of wands have now ended, and a time of freedom and independence to move forward with your plans has come. This card has a lot of energy stored in them which, when it appears upright, forces you to move forward with your plans and reach your goals faster than ever. It indicates that your life is about to get busy and you won’t have much time on your hands, because you will be working hard with dedication for your future and making immense progress.

The Eight of Wands (upright) tarot card urges you to not be very sceptical and biassed, and just go with the flow. Things will fall into the right place themselves. Things are moving fast now, so starting with your plans as fast as possible and making good use of this fast momentum will be very beneficial for you. The energy of the universe is about to surround you, which if you put it to good use, will propel you forward, giving you a head start in your journey. Even if you feel unsure or unprepared, don’t slow the process as you will lose the opportunity that you have been given by the universe. Use the energy to prepare yourself and invest it to bring positive changes and bring out positive results.

The Eight of Wands in the upright position are also an indicator of incoming news that is going to be very important for you. This can mean that good news is about to come which will skyrocket your plans for the future and you will experience steady growth. It means that you have been waiting for a decision that will have a huge impact on your life, and soon you will receive that decision. Do not grow impatient and just wait for it.

Love and relationship (Upright)

In terms of relationship, if the eight of wands appear upright, this indicates that you will receive new found spark and happiness in your relationship. Your relationship with your partner was going a little stale in comparison to how it was at the beginning. You were struggling to find the connection you had previously which was making you and your partner standoffish and distanced. But the appearance of this card indicates that the spark and connection will return, and your relationship will go back to how it was. If you haven’t been in a relationship for a while, and your love life seems to be going nowhere, this card indicates that soon you will find a very compatible person whose company you will enjoy the most.

You will soon be feeling the tumultuous emotions of being in love and your relationship will seem to be moving fast. Make sure to make good use of this sudden surge of energies and don’t let any opportunity go through your hand. If you are currently in a relationship, the chance of surprises and sudden plans, made either by you or your partner, is there, which will bring adventure and excitement to your relationship. Know that these surprises are good and positive which will make your bond stronger and help it last longer.

Finance (Upright)

The force and speed at which the wands appear to be in the card of eight of wands apply to your financial situation. As the wands seem to be travelling with a speed, money is going to be a fleeting thing for you right now, and as fast as you are receiving money, you will be prone to losing them just as fast during this time. Although this is not a particularly bad thing it depends on how you utilise this time and energy. You have to be very careful about where your money is getting invested or the reasons for expenditure.

Try to keep account of how much is coming in and how much is going out. This card indicates that you will be extremely tempted to make some expenses that with more evaluation will seem very unnecessary. So be careful with useless purchases and keep your hands tied during these times because things might become difficult if you do not control your impulses.

Career (Upright)

The eight of wands represent quick movements. This is applied to your career and can have a literal or figurative meaning. If this card appears, this hints to you about a business trip you are about to take shortly. But if that is not the case, then the eight of wands is resonating with your internal feeling of satisfaction and success as you are feeling you are making great progress in your career and profession and you are moving forward very fast. You are having this feeling that you are achieving the progress you desired faster than you anticipated.

This positive energy is making you feel like you are finally able to burst out of your shell and are making the progress that you always wanted. The eight of wands also indicate that you are probably making plans for the future and taking account of your resources which you will soon use to pursue your dreams. You are right now working on getting your life in order, and taking care of your mental and physical health, to keep yourself in an excellent position when you work on your goals.

Health (Upright)

In terms of health-related reading, the eight of wands in the upright position are mostly good news as it indicates good health and active physicality. This card indicates that you will be able to get rid of your illness very quickly, without delay or struggle. This card means rapid recovery from injury or illness.

It also indicates that you will most probably have very good health and will be physically active during this time, which will help you to be very involved and attentive in your profession and life. Although, the eight of wands in some cases also mean emergency medical attention. Chances are that you might get an injury from a sport or other physically active task which will require special and quick attention. But the recovery from that injury will be just as fast.

Eight of Wands Tarot Card (Reversed)

Reversed Eight of Wands Tarot Card Meaning
Eight of Wands

When the Eight of Wands appear reversed, you should take it as a warning sign as it tells you to do some more contemplating before moving forward. You must be moving forward with a plan which you have made already, but this card is an indication that there might be some disputes or misplaced research in your plan, which later on could seriously harm your plan. It’s great that you are being assertive with your decisions, but slow down a bit, relax and give a few more thoughts before moving forward. Being hasty will hurt you in great ways. Or it could be that you are rushing into plans that do not hold much meaning, instead of doing important things.

This card warns you about fleeting determination because you are prone to get attracted to things or ideas that are new, completely forgetting about the plan you were working on previously, and switching focus immediately. This leads to zero progress at all because you keep switching between plans and ideas that none end up being completed. The Eight of Wands also hint at your repudiation of change because you are blocking the flow of energy that leads to change. This is making things more difficult as it’s not letting you grow and stopping you from coming out of your shell.

Stop being so precocious and sceptical and be in sync with the flow. If you feel you are stuck in a place and do not have the motivation to move forward with the current way, try changing the way and doing things differently. Eight of wands reversed also indicates being patient and trustful. You must be feeling frustrated and angry with yourself about something you did previously, like something you set in motion but the same thing turned out to be the obstacle. But dwelling on the past will take you nowhere. Forgive yourself and move forward with your life.

Love and relationship (Reversed)

In a love and relationship tarot card reading, if the eight of wands appear reversed this indicates that there are chances of misunderstanding and miscommunication in your relationship and with your partner. Even if you are single, your relationship with your friends and close family members may come into danger because of words that are interpreted differently than it was intended. Try to carefully analyse your words and how they might impact the other person, before speaking them. Your actions should also be thought about and evaluated more even if you are tempted to do them quicker.

Reconsider doing anything impulsive and give the other person time without forcing your ideas on them or making plans together beforehand. The Eight of Wands are reversed to indicate a time of action and getting things done. This means that your life is about to get very busy because of which you will not be able to give much time to your relationship or your partner. This will make you lose communication with your partner, and create confusion and misunderstanding. Know that this time is just as vital for them just as much as it is for you. Give them the benefit of the doubt, and keep the flow of communication going.

The Eight of Wands reversed can also be interpreted as jealousy among the members of the relationship. You might be experiencing feelings of jealousy in terms of your partner, but know that they are uncalled for and have no basis. The reason why you are jealous does not have much meaning and significance and will not affect you or your partner in any way.

Finance (Reversed)

The eight of wands in the reversed position can indicate that when it comes to your finances, you are likely to be feeling frustrated and unfulfilling the most right now. Chances are that right now you do like the speed at which you are receiving money. You must have invested a large sum recently and had expectations that very soon you will receive double the amount you invested. But that is not the case for you right now, because your bank balance is increasing at a very slow speed which is frustrating you a lot. But this Minor Arcana tarot card advises you to have patience during this time. Even if you do not like the speed at which you are gaining money, know that you are most likely not losing any, which is a very positive sign.

Slowly but surely you are making progress and this time is just as crucial for you as such. Everything that you are investing in right now, be it small or big, is going to bring fruitful results in the future, even if it feels frustrating for now. You might be feeling that the job you are doing right now is not as fulfilling and is not paying you enough, knowing that you are still in the process of paying your dues, and soon you will find a job or profession which will provide you with all the fulfilment that one requires in their life.

Career (Reversed)

When the Eight of Wands Minor Arcana tarot card (reversed), in terms of career, the reading can go two ways. The first is that maybe you are feeling a sense of stagnation in your job. Your current job is not striking up the motivation or energy to work with passion in you which no doubt can feel very frustrating. This feeling could be due to opportunities in the past that you missed taking advantage of, and now you are feeling frustrated. You failed to take the opportunity and use it to your advantage to move forward or higher in your career. But if that is not the case, then this card can be interpreted as moving too fast. You have been promoted to a role of authority, which you feel like you are not prepared for. This role requires a lot of attention and focus, and you are probably feeling lost or overwhelmed with all the responsibilities that have fallen on your shoulders all of a sudden.

You feel that you have moved too fast, and feelings grow because of what others working under you are asking from you. To cope with these feelings, try consulting with others in the same position as you but with more experience and try to learn how they cope with all these responsibilities. If the new project seems daunting, talk with those with more experience and knowledge. This will help you to grasp the new role quicker and make you understand the right ways.

Health (Reversed)

The Eight of Wands reversed is not a good sign when it comes to health and wellness. This card can indicate health problems that will take a toll on you. If you are going through treatment or have recently discovered an illness you are suffering from, the appearance of this card indicates that you will have to struggle quite a bit before you are healed. The process of recovery is going to take longer, or the illness could also become more severe and your health might take a nosedive, because of which you will feel disheartened and lost.

If you get an injury during this time, know that it will take longer than usual to heal. The eight of wands also represent that maybe you are having a lack of activities that will keep your body moving, or you are too active, which is leading to fatigue. This card also indicates that you must have started a new diet in the hopes of improving your health, but unfortunately, that diet is not working as you anticipated.

Eight of wands: One Card Pull

One card pull is done when you want to have straight to the point and quick answers. It is for the time when you wish to know specific answers in the form of Yes or No. So, if you are going through any tough situation or stuck in a dilemma, getting a one card pull is always helpful. Post shuffling the card, you can choose one from the deck. Depending on your question, you shall get the answer to the question. The results for one card pull in the eight of wands card is:

Upright Position: If the eight of wands are pulled out in the upright position, this indicates that the answer is yes, and what you wish for is coming to you very soon.

Reversed Position: If you pulled the eight of wands in the reversed position, this also indicates yes, but it may take longer this time.

Eight of Wands Card for Timing

If the question is about the exact time when something you are wishing for will come to reality, and the eight of wands have been pulled out, this can indicate that the time is very near. To be very specific about the time, one should expect it to be during the spring, of the zodiac signs season Aries, Sagittarius, or Leo. In numbers, if one wants to count, they should expect the time to be one month later, or specifically the 8th, 17th, 26th, or the upcoming month.

Keep in mind that whatever you are wishing for is right around the corner and needs just a bit of patience. You will soon figure out the time. If the reading is done during the summer season, this does not mean that your wish will be fulfilled during the spring.

It could also be interpreted by taking the number of the card. In this case, the number is eight, so you should expect it to be during the 8th day, 8th week, or 8th month of the reading. It is hard to predict the future taking into consideration years since our future keeps changing with every action we take.

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