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Mole astrology: Moles on the body and their significance

As a part of Samudrika Shastra, mole astrology is the practice of understanding a person's aura, face, and physical traits of an individual. Moles on our bodies illustrate many things. Depending on the position, shape, and size of the mole, you can understand its negative and positive effects. According to astrology, moles usually appear because of the different positions of the planets.

The effect of the planets on an individual begins right during the foetus formation in the female's womb. In your horoscope, the first house and its ruling planet, the sixth house and its ruling planet, Mars, Saturn, Moon, Rahu, and Ketu, form a mole on the body. Suppose your ascendant lord is the planet Saturn placed opposite to the Aries zodiac sign, it will create a black colour mole as Saturn represents the black colour.

If the zodiac sign and the planet influencing your life are feminine, the moles often appear on the left side of the body, and it is believed that if that is the opposite, you can see the mole on the right side of your body. For example, a mix of Mars (male) and Venus (female) in the Scorpio sign (female sign for genitals) shall depict the following possibilities: If your Mars is strong, the mole will be on the right side. However, having a strong Venus will be on the left side of your private parts.

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Significance of moles based on size, shape, and colour

Moles can vary in various ways and manners. Depending on the shape, size, and colour, moles possess their impacts and effects on an individual. If your mole is small, it doesn’t affect your life much. On the other hand, if you have a mole that is big and round, according to mole astrology, the mole is highly auspicious. Moreover, if the mole on your body is long, consider the same affecting your luck and that too positively.

Speaking about the mole size, having a square mole indicates unpredictability. The thing might happen to you unexpectedly. Ahead, according to mole astrology, a triangle mole on any part of the body directs mixed results. You can either face positive or negative events in your life. On the other hand, a zig-zag mole is inauspicious for the life of the people. But, a round-shaped mole projects goodness and nobility in the person who possesses it.

Ahead, depending on the colour, the concept is pretty clear. A light-colored mole like honey, red, emerald green or sandalwood promises good times and benefic results. You can expect things in your favour and effortlessly work as per your thoughts and plans. However, a dark mole-like black or brown indicates bad luck and misfortune in the life of the bearer. You might face obstacles and different challenges in your life. Also, results might not go as per plan.

Furthermore, mole astrology says that most moles are flat. However, some of them are protruding. If your mole is flesh-colored and protrudes on any of your body parts, you can expect some favourable results in your life. If the case is a flat mole, results could be mixed.

Moles on different parts of the body

As we mentioned before, not all moles bring good luck, and not all moles in astrology are bad for the person. For example, a mole on the inner side of the palm indicates bad luck. However, moles on the feel lead to immense travel and tripping. Moles on the chin are bad for marital bliss, and moles on the private parts represent sexual addiction. Furthermore, if you have a mole on the tongue indicates psychic abilities, and if you say anything negative, it usually becomes true. On the other hand, a mole on the buttocks represents luck during gambling.

To know more about the moles on different parts of the body:

Mole on the face

Mole on the legs

Mole on the stomach

Mole on the back, chest, and ribs

Mole on the arms

Mole on the genitals

Generally, as per the astrology of moles, people with right-side moles usually face good fortune in their life. However, if the situation is otherwise, natives shall face negative results and many challenges in their life. If you have Saturn in the second, third, fourth, fifth, or sixth house of your horoscope, you shall have a mole on the left side of your body.

Also, if you have planets in the houses above the vista, i.e., from houses seventh to twelfth, you shall possess more moles on the frontal side of the body. If you have planets in the houses from first to sixth or in the lower vista, moles would be more on the back side of your body. Moreover, people who possess Rajyoga in their Kundli usually have a mole on their hands or foot.

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Twin moles or moles next to each other

Anything in excess is bad for people. Even in the astrology of moles, more than one mole anywhere on your body is inauspicious. Twin moles or moles next to each other represent dual personalities. In fact, in some cases, it could also mean that you shall get married twice. Also, there could be a chance that you will stay in a conflict about things in your life.

Three moles in a triangle shape

A triangle-shaped mole is different from three moles forming a triangle. In astrology, moles making a triangle could give you mixed results. On one hand, you will be good, while some of your deeds will lead you to negativity and odd results.

Lucky moles for males and females

According to our astrologers at Astrotalk, there are moles that present luck in our lives. For males, if you have a mole on your right leg, the back side of the body, or surrounding your eyes, it is highly auspicious and benefits the natives in multiple ways. As for the females, moles near their lips, breast, and ears are considered lucky. It would get them an understanding partner, riches with the correct efforts, and a supremely bright future.

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Which mole indicates that you will become rich?

A mole on the right side of your forehead indicates wealth. If you possess such a mole, you shall become famous and rich among the people around you.

Is having hair on the mole lucky?

According to mole astrology, a mole with hair on it is considered lucky. These indicate a healthy mole and bring great results in the life of the person having it. 

Mole on which part of the body indicates a royal life?

Having a mole on your shoulder says the native will have a successful and praise-worthy life. Not only will you be polite, but also have the resources to serve other people. It also indicates a polite nature and calm persona of the bearer.

Is having a mole on the lips lucky?

If you have a mole on the outer side of the upper lip, you are very lucky. However, if you have one on the lower lip, it indicates gambling and mischievous deeds.

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