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Aries is the Fire sign of the zodiac, while on the other hand, Libra is the Air sign. Aries and Libra make a very compatible pair, but not without certain caution. Air, when controlled, keeps the Fire burning. This means, giving each other space and respect to grow is of utmost importance for Aries and Libra compatibility. Aries and Libra usually find an ethereal pull and attraction towards each other. However, a breach into another’s space is not welcomed as it could lead to the dozing of the fire. Moreover, despite the prevailing attraction, the passive-aggressive behaviour, especially from the side of the Aries usually stops these two from seeing each other.


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The sexual deeds of Aries and Libra are driven by their opposite nature. While one gives warmth, the other, on the other hand, is said to cool things. So one can expect a balanced sensuality when Aries and Libra are making love between the sheets. However, once they two have shared this sensuality, the two signs, especially Libra, can feel trapped in the relationship. This could hamper self-development, and thus the overall relationship may start feeling boring and unproductive. Thus, it is best that the Aries and Libra couple always develop an understanding of each other's needs and do not hurry with sensuality.


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Aries, as per astrology, is ruled by the planet Mars, the symbol of masculinity, and Libra, on the other hand, is ruled by the planet Venus, the symbol of femininity. Thus an Aries and Libra compatibility in friendship is obvious as the two signs represent a balance of energy. Both Libra and Aries are said to be the starters of things, however, they tend to work in different directions. This means, the Aries and Libra friendship may not find the ‘friends forever’ tag, but till the time they are together, they will create unforgettable moments for themselves. One truly remarkable feat about this union is the harmony they create.


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The role of the Aries and Libra beings in each other's life is very simple. While the Aries, accustomed to their nature, boost their spirits of the Libra, the Libra, on the other hand, allows the Aries to find a balance when it comes to reaching a certain goal. Though the two signs don't share many similar interests, they tend to talk about their daily activities and pull a conversation out of it. Simply put, despite the fact that the Aries and Libra have got a lot to talk about, they struggle at entwining with each other's way of conversing. However, they do try anyway and are successful half the times.


While Aries and Libra usually try to stay away from each other, but their fusion is not a disaster. They two will find a bent for each other. Yes, they will also struggle with coping up with the needs of the other in the initial stages, but once they get comfortable, they will find the things they once feared turn into things they want to do over and over again. Simply put, getting into anything with blind enthusiasm, or weighing pragmatic factors only will not help as communication and a deep level of understanding is the key.

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