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Leos are just as majestic as their sign animal, lion. As the king of the jungle, they roar of pride and magnificence. When two such majestic creatures come together to form a bond, they command the attention of all the people around them. It is almost as if a spectacle has been put up by two gregarious individuals who deserve each other. A Leo and Leo couple enjoys the strong spirit of each other. As they find themselves drunk in the passion of each other, they also do not shy away from revealing their desires for each other. The splendour of a Leo-Leo love is apparent from the enthusiasm which they share among each other, each contributing as much as the other. This strong relationship truly speaks volumes of Leo and Leo compatibility. Both of them, no matter how introverted they are, is capable of socializing and therefore establishing their relationship among their social circles with ease. And when things get difficult, they can feed off of each other’s confidence. However, despite the grandeur of Leo and Leo love, they can find themselves offsetting at times. Leos are a self-centred bunch who can offer a lot of passion and love for their partners so long as their ego is fed which begs the question of whose life revolves around who in this relationship. This can prove to be quite strenuous for both Leos.


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Leos can be highly competitive. In a relationship, they always prefer to be the dominant half. This might not be much of a problem in a relationship that has one submissive partner, however, given that we are discussing the compatibility of a Leo and Leo couple, it is apparent how easily such relationships can crumble. Despite this contradiction, we find that Leo and Leo sexual compatibility is quite remarkable as they are both equally passionate. More often than not they share the same vitality in terms of their sexual desires and needs. In a relationship in which one Leo is slightly less outgoing than the other, in terms of articulating their sexual desires, the other Leo jumps to the rescue. This kind of sexual relationship can be considered one of the wildest and steamiest kinds. Even so, there might be some reluctance as their relationship moves ahead since, despite their nonchalant disposition, Leos often desire for connection over meaningless animal sex. Being able to drop their egoistic façade is therefore crucial for a Leo-Leo love to blossom. And it is unlikely that there can be a better opportunity than sex to understand the true nature of an individual.


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As proud as they are, Leos can be extremely friendly among their loved ones. Therefore Leo and Leo friendship compatibility is comparatively better than what one might expect. Leos are characterized by their passion and strong conviction of success and confidence. In a Leo-Leo friendship, this conviction is often useful to each other as they can regain their confidence from the other’s conviction. Leos are also terrific when it comes to trust. In most cases, Leos can readily sacrifice themselves for their friendship. However, this act rarely comes from a place of deep love and affection. Rather, it comes from their conviction of a perfect friendship that they have in their minds. They are also bad liars which can make them difficult in situations where a white lie might come in handy. All in all, Leo and Leo friendship compatibility is great as long as mistrust does not creep in due to external factors. Their ego is too inflated to confront one another and their inability to lie does not help either.


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From one king to another, they have a knack for discovering the weaknesses and strengths of their partners effortlessly. This is extremely helpful when they are striving for improving their lives and themselves. There is a great chance that a Leo and Leo couple can push themselves to their best versions and bring success to each other. In a Leo-Leo friendship too, this is immensely powerful. However, things are not always smooth in terms of Leo and Leo communication compatibility, especially when they become too competitive. Leos, as we have already mentioned earlier, are extremely competitive. For them, their pride is always at stake and this can have adverse effects on their communication. They might decide to keep things to themselves to win at trivial matters. Among Leo and Leo friends, there is no such thing as a trivial competition.


Leos has a range of positive traits attributed to them but they have almost an equal number of negative traits as well. And although individuals differ from one another, most people with similar zodiac signs can indeed relate to one another. This must be used as the foundation to any Leo and Leo relationship. Both Leos must put an effort to properly understand the needs of their partners/friends. More crucial than that, they should learn to let go of their egos and see things for what they are not speculate the actions of their partners as something which might hamper their reputation. It can get difficult at times to let go of what you believe is your self-respect, but more often than not, it is your ego that’s coming in between you and your partner. Eliminating this can take you miles ahead of where you are not only in your relationships but also as an individual.

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