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When a Goat and a Water-bearer bump into each other, they would have two different approaches to love, life, and relationship. So, Capricorn and Aquarius love compatibility could be an interesting one where both would be eager to discover new things and aspects from each other. There could be a number of things that would attract them close to one another, but still, their zodiacs won’t just scream out Perfect Match Made! Moreover, if their ambitions come in between their love life, they wouldn’t think second in choosing that over their partners. With practicality, emotions, and varying perceptions about romanticism and their other half, the Capricorn-Aquarius love could be a so-so one, pinched with some spices in the middle.


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As an Earthy sign, Capricorn is thorough and slow. On the other hand, the Airy sign Aquarius is unreliable and flaky. Both are pretty opposite but still share a lot in common when it comes to sexuality. The main issue occurs when both try to run with each other at a different pace, and one wishes to have things fast and spontaneous, while the other as slow as possible. Capricorn and Aquarius sexual compatibility is very weak, and both are stuck at totally two different poles. Capricorn would feel like having a planned and unbreakable compatibility, and Aquarius wishes to accept all pleasures open-handedly, be it love or sexuality. The only way a Capricorn and Aquarius couple can think of owning intimacy in their life is when they extremely wish to understand each other on emotional and practical aspects.


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Capricorn and Aquarius friendship compatibility is pretty high. Both of them are the kind of people that go picky when selecting their BFFs and believe in investing in them thoroughly. If they closely get along with each other, they will share a shrewd bonding that would be liked by all around. With fun and excitement in their friendship, Capricorn and Aquarius friends share a lot in common. Both love to search for timeless things and believe in scorning fads. Where Aquarius shows its creativity, their Capricorn buddy just perceives it all right and calculatedly and right with them. Therefore, as pals, they could effortlessly get along, but only if none of them becomes critical or demotivating.


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Communication between a Capricorn and Aquarius is painful to watch. They might have cold, distant, and silent behaviour towards each other and barely value what the other half thinks. Also, if either gets opinionated about something, it wouldn’t take them long to distance themselves away. Capricorn and Aquarius communication compatibility could only run fine if they hold any mutual interests. With the knack of maintaining a well-built and intellectual bond, they can keep diving into conversations that could satisfy them both. Also, if they both consider each other seriously and understand how worthy their partner is, they could end their long-lasting chase of disagreements and fusses.


A Capricorn and Aquarius couple would hardly find anything attractive regarding one another. Despite the fact that both have the same ruling planet, i.e., Saturn, their behaviour is entirely different from each other. Almost with not-so-good compatibility, both the zodiacs find themselves struggling to make their connection function appropriately. To work upon Capricorn and Aquarius compatibility, both need to crave that urge of being together. Capricorn needs to rise a bit above the ground to understand their Airy Aquarius, and the Aquarius has to come a little closer emotionally to meet their Earthy Goat. Meeting each other by making settlements could equitably make them feel blissful around each other.

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