Wheel of Fortune


Wheel of Fortune Tarot Card Meaning

Key meanings (Upright): Good luck, karma, life cycles, destiny, a turning point, soulmates, decisive moments, cycles of life, upheaval, and chance.

Key meanings (Reversed): Bad luck, resistance to changes, breaking cycles, disorders, external forces, lack of control, disruptions, unwelcome changes, delays, and setbacks.

Wheel of Fortune Tarot Card Description

If you draw the Wheel of Fortune tarot card, then beep beep!! Significant life changes are going to come your way. The Wheel of Fortune card is number 10 of the Major Arcana cards in the deck of tarot cards. The Wheel of Fortune tarot card is ruled by Jupiter, the planet of good fortune, expansion, and progress. The card reminds us that change is inevitable and the only constant thing in life. The showing-up of the card is a reminder that you are either holding too tight onto something or just delaying your progress by ignoring the signals coming from your consciousness. The Wheel of Fortune card wants you to let go to understand your role in this life and the universe.

The Wheel of Fortune card has a giant wheel on display with three figures oozing on the outer edges. The Wheel on the card has the letters TORA, which astrologers think to be a version of the word Torah, meaning ‘law’ or TAROT, or even ROTA (Latin for ‘wheel’). The middle wheel of the Wheel of fortune card represents the four elements of life. Against the outer circle of the wheel are a snake and the God of Evil, Typhon, on the right and left side, respectively. The snake on the card represents the life force plunging into the material world. On the other hand, the Egyptian God of evil welcomes souls to the underworld.

The top of the wheel has the Sphinx sitting on it, which represents knowledge and strength. On the four corners of the card are four winged creatures, each associated with four Zodiac signs, Aquarius, Scorpio (eagle), Leo (Lion), and Taurus (Bull). Their wings signify stability amidst movement and change, and each holds the Torah, representing wisdom.

Wheel of fortune Tarot Card (Upright)

Upright Wheel of fortune Tarot Card meaning
Wheel of Fortune

Pulling the Wheel of Fortune card upright is an indicator that changes are going to come your way soon, and most of the time, it is the positive change we are talking about. These changes can entirely redo your life from being a mess you complain about to an experience to cherish. However, you need to remember that not all changes are easy, and may want you to sacrifice something. Also, some sacrifices you make may feel unfair at first, but in the long run, they will serve the greater good for you.

Most of the time, we know what we need to do in life to achieve greatness, yet we refrain from doing those things just because we are either lazy or too occupied with other stuff that is serving no purpose in making our life better whatsoever. Other times, it is the situation not being in our favour, which refrains us from achieving more. The Wheel of Fortune card is a signal that the universe is working in your favour and will certainly help you reach your goals if you are willing to take even a pinch of effort.

India's best tarot readers claim that if you have pulled the Wheel of fortune card upright, make sure you make the most of the opportunities the world is offering you. Know that it's time to focus on yourself and make plans about things you want to accomplish. If you do so, you will truly achieve things faster than anyone around, be it taking a startup towards success or simply cracking a government exam. The Wheel of Fortune also represents the ever-changing cycles of life. If there is happiness, there will be periods of dismay too. It basically depends on your karma.

Love and Relationships (Upright)

If you are in a relationship with someone or simply want to propose to someone any time soon, the Wheel of Fortune card in the upright position is a sign that things will go in your favour, and you can, without a doubt, take the next step in your relationship. Also, if you are not content in a relationship or simply wish to move on, the Wheel of Fortune card is a sign that you might want to give it a last try. The card surely doesn't stop you from ending a relationship if you wish to do so (as it is a part of the change) but only signals that good things will happen in your love life with or without your current partner.

For the single natives, the Wheel of Fortune card in the upright position is a signal that the universe is working to bring you the love you deserve. However, being an introvert will not help you have it. Some of us are really shy about love and may not approach others, but that doesn't mean no one wants to approach us either. You have good fortune coming in love, so now is the time to put yourself out at least on display. This will be a new experience and change that the card represents. As the Wheel of Fortune is also a card of destiny, it also signifies soulmates. Hence, if you are single, you may be meeting yours soon.

Finances (Upright)

Financially, pulling out the Wheel of Fortune Upright is not the best indication, especially if you spend a lot and have hard time-saving money. If you have been consistently comfortable money-wise, the Wheel of Fortune card is a signal that things may change for you from here on. Unexpected expenses may come your way. Hence make sure you put something by for a time when you may need it. Cut your useless expenses and make investments that you would be proud of going forward.

On the other hand, if you are experiencing any kind of financial difficulties, the Upright Wheel of Fortune Tarot card is an indicator that things are going to improve for you in terms of finance. You will be lucky to make the right investment decisions alongside having opportunities to earn from multiple resources.

Career (Upright)

In terms of Career, the wheel of fortune works as a sign that new opportunities are waiting ahead of you. If you have been wanting to start your business, this is the right time to consider the chances as the universe is conspiring and helping you to make such big changes. One looking for a new job must look harder now. However, most of us are even happy and content with our career status. For them, too, the Wheel of Fortune is an indicator that either change is coming for you or you must make some for yourself to further progress in life.

Also, not each of these changes will be easy. One may even question one's capability to do a particular task being offered with a high pay scale. It is advised you give everything a try, and you will see things falling in place for you, and change will not be as scary as you think.

Health (Upright)

Again, having pulled the Wheel of Fortune card in the upright position means change will happen for you in terms of health too. In fact, the card is a signal that if you have been dealing with health issues lately, the wheel may start to turn in your favour. As the nature of the card changes, healthy people need to be more careful here and make adjustments in life accordingly.

For example, if you have been too busy pushing yourself mentally, emotionally, and physically. Then maybe, you might bump into a bout of illness that may put a handbrake on your progress. If you don't wish that to happen, try listening and taking out time for yourself. Invest in hobbies, eat well, and make positive adjustments that are kind to your body and health.

Wheel of fortune Tarot Card (Reversed)

Reversed Wheel of fortune Tarot Card meaning
Wheel of Fortune

The Wheel of Fortune tarot card in the reversed position still denotes change but one that you might not want to welcome with open arms. The reversed Wheel of Fortune card is an indicator that difficult changes are awaiting you ahead, and if you don't prepare for them, things might get fishy, as you will have a tough time adjusting to them.

Many times, we feel that things have suddenly begun to fall apart for us, and pulling out this card confirms the fact. The sudden changes can leave you powerless, giving you a feeling that you no longer have any control over your life or emotions. However, the tarot readers claim that these unwelcome changes are rather a result of one's personal decisions and not any external forces working against you.

Hence, when you see the reversed Wheel of Fortune tarot card, it is advised that you take ownership of your choices and make well-informed decisions.

Discussing your decisions with your loved ones is one way to lead yourself in the right direction. However, always remember one thing, whatever happens, you must not resist change and let it take its course. The more you allow yourself to change as per the will of the dominant force, the more you will learn about life. These ups and downs are part of life and often we learn more from hardship than we do from good fortune.

Love and Relationships (Reversed)

In the love context, pulling out the Wheel of Fortune tarot card in reversed position means that your relationship can go haywire from here. Scary? Well, it is but this doesn't mean that you suddenly make a knee-jerk, call things off and not try to ask out your childhood crush on a date. But instead, the card signifies how all relationships have their share of ups and downs, and this is the down phase of yours, which you need to tackle. For many people, the hiccups are about moving from one phase of the relationship to another, which is slightly uncomfortable. Nevertheless, whatever the reason behind the fallout, try to think about it and make a fair decision accordingly. In this period, you can even think of giving your relationship a break or your partner some extra space.

Another reason behind your relationship going haywire could be that previous mistakes may spawn back due to some current action of yours. If you are single and having a tough time finding love, it is suggested that you look back at your own choices to think if you have thrown away opportunities in love? If it is so, learn from your mistakes and take another shot at love. If you really want love to fall into your lap despite pulling the reversed Wheel of Fortune tarot card, then it is a must that you look out for people who are compatible with you rather than just falling for the way they look. Always remember that the Wheel of Fortune Tarot card in a reversed position will deal with things for you, but you need not get depressed because of the setbacks and try to go with the flow.

Finances (Reversed)

Financially, in this period, try not to do things that you will regret. Just like gambling or spending too much money. Also, not just the stuff your mother won't appreciate, but one also needs to take care of their investments and not try to take financial risks.

In the midst, if you feel a bit of a financial pinch, the trump card would be to save up some money for your financial safety. The hardship in terms of finances, just like any other thing, will not last forever but will be a lesson to remember.

Career (Reversed)

When it comes to career, the reversed Wheel of Fortune tarot card indicates a period of either stagnation or disruption in the career of the native. The disruption can be either because of your unwillingness to welcome change or because you are too worked up and need to rest for a while. This Major Arcana card, in its reverse form, signals that the natives need to assess the decisions he has made recently and whether they need to juggle them around.

Also, the card wants you to focus on whether you have seized the better opportunities available around you or not? If not, then you might want to rethink your career choices for your own good. All in all, remember that all of this is temporary and shall pass. However, the disruption will come, both as an opportunity and a blessing for you.

Health (Reversed)

As harsh as it may sound, have you pulled the revered Wheel of Fortune card for yourself, it is a signal that you may experience disruption in another area of life, i.e., health. In this time of life, consider giving your "I will get healthy" new year resolution a try by investing in a morning run or simply hitting a gym on a regular basis. Also, try not to take stress, which may be hard knowing the fact that many other things in your life - as discussed above - might not be going well for you.

You simply need to remember that things fall upon places anyways. Also, as you hint at disruption in your life, don’t try to stop events from happening but make positive steps to take care of yourself and your body even through the tough times, and your health will benefit.

Wheel of Fortune: One card Pull

One card pull is done when you want to have straight to the point and quick answers. It is for the time when you wish to know specific answers in the form of Yes or No. So, if you are going through any tough situation or are stuck in a dilemma, getting a one-card pull is always helpful. Post shuffling the card, you can choose one from the deck. Depending on your question, you shall get the answer to the question. The results for one card pull-in Wheel of Fortune card are:

Upright Position: If you get the pulled card in the upright position, it indicates Yes as an answer.

Reversed Position: If you get the pulled card in the reversed position, it indicates No as an answer.

Wheel of Fortune for Timing

Regarding any situation which needs a time-bound answer, the Wheel of Fortune tarot card predicts that luck is definitely by your side regarding the things you are planning or wish to plan in near future. The time of the event occurring is not mentioned. But, it does signal that you should believe in the process the Universe is creating for you to bring the desired outcomes in your life. Even if things are not going as per your plan, you should not lose hope and manifest the best you can.

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